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Consider the Lobster Response

April 9, 2012

David Foster Wallace is able to change what could have been a boring essay about lobsters into a more interesting essay mainly because of the way that he writes. He gives history in an entertaining way, personally I don’t think I’d be too interested in the origin of the lobster but he makes interesting points and draws upon what could be the most interesting thing about the lobster- the fact that it used to be cheap and considered poor food. When he adds in these details it really helps the reader move along through the essay. However I think that the most important aspect of his writing is the fact that he writes like an “us”. He makes it seem like he is one of the readers, he’s out there in the festival participating and truly experiencing the event and as he reports back to the audience its as if a friend is telling you all about what he did that weekend. I think this laid back but informative review is one of the better reviews I’ve read because of how easy it is to read. He also gives it to you straight and lets you know exactly how it is, this straight forward writing makes the reader trust his opinon and especially value what he’s saying. This is important for the writer because it’s his reputaion on the line every time he writes a review, not to mention if a reader can be effected by the review it will lead them onto other reviews he’s done.

His writing also brings up questions that a reader may not have even thought about before hand. Thinking about a lobster fest I just think of a social event where you eat all different kinds of lobsters, I did not think about the fact that PETA might have some issues with the festival as well as some incidents forming from it. He goes beyond the actual festival and talks about all different areas of not only just reviewing the food, which I would expect any other review to do, but he actually reviews the whole event and the experience. I think this is important because as I was reading I was giving him a lot of credit, I also wanted to keep reading because at a point in the essay I forgot that I was reading this as a homework assignment for a class, and was enjoying reading it. This is a great aspect of the essay because it makes reading it fun, which probably proves that he wasn’t forced to do this review, I read it more of that he wanted to review this and enjoyed how he wrote it.


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