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Bonds vs. America

March 30, 2012

Chuck Klosterman was able to make this topic of steroid use into something interesting and easy to read by defining and stating the five things that he thinks is wrong with it. He writes by using things that have happened recently, that people of pop culture would know about. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of baseball you would be able to read this essay and know what you’ve just read. He writes about things in a way that he would be talking to you, he states the obvious, gets your attention from the very start by drawing a scenario for the reader. He doesn’t just talk about steroids he uses a topic of Barry Bonds to further elaborate and makes his point. The reader can understand that America cannot be the biggest fan of Bonds because he is fake because of the steroid and therefore a bad person- but Klosterman doesn’t just state steroids are bad for you. Klosterman shows how the use of steroids took a baseball player and destroyed an American dream of Babe Ruth. He also doesn’t just take a side right away and continue to put down the opposing side that steroids are fine. He looks at both, by focusing on Bonds and how his mindset worked. This opening up to the opposing side increases his essay because the reader is able to see that he is logical and not just hot-headed on the topic of steroids is bad. The knowlege that Klosterman is a reliable source allows them to trust Klosterman and leads to a more enjoyable reading.

Another way he makes this reading more interesting is by exaggerating in places where you know its obvious its not true. This adds life to the story as well as making it more fun to read about. His explanation of who Babe Ruth was a way for him to express how America saw this icon and he put every exaggerated thought into one paragraph so the reader immediately got the picture and the joke. One more thing about his writing, Klosterman, even though he saw both sides of the steroid use problem, took the side of “America”. He put himself with everyother reader, which made him even more relatable. When Bonds was cheating America, he put it as he was cheating us, and how “we” felt when Bonds was about to pass the record of Ruth. I think that this use of relatability really helps and goes the extra mile to make sure that his essay is an interesting one.


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