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McSweeney’s articles

January 19, 2012

These two articles were entertaining to read, and I think I understood the point he was trying to get across to his audience. While our generation has dramatically transformed from previous generations the way of doing things must also change in order to keep up with the fast paced world we have created. He does this in a much more fun way than others who have talked about blogging, texting, Facebook, and Twitter. He goes an extra mile and in my opinion over exaggerates some points, but that’s the whole joke. How far is our generation going to take things? For example the dialogue we use like ROFL can easily be pushed to his exaggerated “HFACTDEWARIUCSMNUWKIASLAMB”. While it was entertaining and a fun read, we do have to think about how classes need to change in order to cater to the younger generation’s learning technique. 

I think that in our contemporary world, writing classes and writing assignments need to change. I do think that we still need to learn by the book and read classics as well as learn grammar. I don’t think you can get rid of the important points, but I do think that technology has to work itself in at some point. The other day I saw a ten year old with a better cell phone than I have and I don’t consider myself an old person. It just shows that kids younger and younger are getting hold of better technology. That’s just the start of it too, there is no way that a graduate is going into the work force with no knowledge of how to use a computer. So I think that schools need to have different computer programs and possibly work in writing courses online. Writing on a blog is better than not writing at all, so I think that schools should take advantage of our generation’s obsession with technology. I don’t know how to fully incorporate technology in everything, but allowing it as a learning tool is a step in the right direction.


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